Friday, 21 January 2011

Who wears short shorts...

Everyone has that one pair of shorts they can't live without. The pair you throw on when you aren't in the mood for jeans, that are worn to death in the Summer but sit in the wardrobe all Winter waiting for the sun to arrive once more. Well wait no more ladies there is hope at the end of this snowy tunnel. If like me, you want to wear your shorts all year round but just can't decide whether wooly tights are the best option or leggings are the way forward, look no further. Here are five tried and tested styles that will give those pins and new lease of life in this cold snap. Perseverance it seems, is key.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Temperatures are soaring here in my little village. It a balmy 8 degrees and the winter sun is beaming in through my windows. I have even kicked off my slippers for this joyous occasion and am basking in the tropical glow seeping in from outside. If only I had a pair of sunglasses to fully appreciate the view from my bedroom, and gaze over the sun drenched farmland towards the woods, pondering over whether to wear my thermals or my goose down coat when I eventually venture out. Mind you, I won't need a scarf anymore, it must be nearly Spring! New British label Zanzan have heard the pleas of women all over the country desperately waiting for warmer weather and have answered, with a 70s range of 'purposeful yet pretty' sunglasses to calm our cravings. Channel your inner Twiggy and get your pair now before the rush starts in Spring!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Soft Focus

An amazing insight into backstage shot by Mark Leibowitz. One of my favourite photographers, his fusion of blurred focus makes the Galliano models look like they're floating through some kind of dreamstate. Even more mesmerising than the shows, these images are just haunting. The little details that catch your eye become even more mysterious and fascinating than they are when shot in perfect vision. Breathtaking. Nice one, Leibowitz.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Knightley does it

More couture for you to feast your eyes on. This month's Vogue Italia features a gorgeous period house and grounds for Keira Knightley to roam around in her fancy frocks. I do feel this young lady would have been better suited to a career in amongst the pages of our glossy features, quietly modelling the latest Valentino and providing muses for inspired designers across the globe. Her features striking, her frame slightly gawky and her hair in that waved mess we all wish we could rise from bed with. I'm sure you all agree, a perfect poise to carry off a career as a misunderstood model type. Alas, I just cannot blot out her continued determination to open her mouth and attempt to move and speak at the same time on our cinema screens. I can stomach the Chanel adverts at the very most, but the rest? Well, it's just heart breaking isn't it.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Suitcase living

With the winter sun setting early, my grey days have been limited somewhat with hours of daylight. As soon as I'm up and ready to go, it begins to get dark. It's the ever punishing inability to be productive in daylight that leads me working late into the night. Although blissfully, my days of work in this country are over, and I have spent many an hour of quality time with my kitty, making sure she knows I love her to pieces before I jet off and she worries for my whereabouts. I've told her my bed is hers, and she seems to be fairly happy with this. Packing is becoming somewhat of a chore, clothing choices being limited to the weather out there I find myself packing and unpacking, changing my mind at all stages. I have decided I will start a new blog, more of a diary so people at home can keep up with my adventures. I'll set that up within the next week or two, so keep a beady eye out! As for now, photo corner awaits you...

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

It's all Relative

A small selection of Michael Ostermann illustrations for you to enjoy. He works solely with digital images, manipulating them until he achieves his final piece, layering up techniques over and over until he feels the depth is enough to be able to apply multiple meanings to the image. Initially, the images can lead you to concentrate on the body or the face, but many have dark, sinister undertones found in small areas of the image that you don't spot at first. A lovely oxymoron of photography, and an artist I have used a lot over the years for research purposes.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Who said beaches were just for Summer? Auguste Abeliunaite models for the current issue of Marie Claire Italia, in the most decadent of winter couture I have ever seen by the seaside. An absolutely beautiful setting compliments the looks of Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Max Mara to name but a few. This seasons priceless rich jewels, lace bodies and darkened hues are offset perfectly against the bleakness of the imagery. I'm sure her beauty would fit right in around Blackpool do we not think?

All American Girl

I'm gearing up for the big move. The flame of East Coast fashion is beginning to glow inside me. I appear to be channeling a much more casual vibe than usual, most probably in preparation for heading Stateside. Handily, ASOS have heard my call, and answered with their Spring 11 collection. Seems I'm not the only one with a growing pull towards All American Prep. Give me baseball jackets slung softly over embroidered skater skirts, ankle skimming tailored pin trousers with football jersey emblazoned tees, and killer heels in pastel colours. No black here my friend, no body con, no leopard prints, just lovely lovely flowered swim hats and denim dresses. Oh yes America, I am ready for you.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

To be Adored

A little glimpse forward into the future. Sun, tea dresses,shoes and socks. Gorgeous brand TBA have hit the nail on the head with their Spring Summer collections for years now. The neutral pastel colours and beautiful girly prints are not far off perfect in the soaring temperatures. And there's always room for a little lace embellishment here and there. For now, the snow is thawingm the temperatures have risen back up above zero and I am left to daydream about warm days to come, sunning myself in Ohio in soft tailoring, boater hats and Ray Ban sunglasses. A girl can dream can't she?