Monday, 17 January 2011

Knightley does it

More couture for you to feast your eyes on. This month's Vogue Italia features a gorgeous period house and grounds for Keira Knightley to roam around in her fancy frocks. I do feel this young lady would have been better suited to a career in amongst the pages of our glossy features, quietly modelling the latest Valentino and providing muses for inspired designers across the globe. Her features striking, her frame slightly gawky and her hair in that waved mess we all wish we could rise from bed with. I'm sure you all agree, a perfect poise to carry off a career as a misunderstood model type. Alas, I just cannot blot out her continued determination to open her mouth and attempt to move and speak at the same time on our cinema screens. I can stomach the Chanel adverts at the very most, but the rest? Well, it's just heart breaking isn't it.


  1. this is hilarious because it's so true! as soon as she opens her mouth it's like game over! but they are truly beautiful photographs.

  2. nice pictures! btw, thanks for the comment to my blog! bout following each other, sure, i'm following you now at blog lovin. :-)
    i'll be glad if you will follow back. :-)