Friday, 21 January 2011

Who wears short shorts...

Everyone has that one pair of shorts they can't live without. The pair you throw on when you aren't in the mood for jeans, that are worn to death in the Summer but sit in the wardrobe all Winter waiting for the sun to arrive once more. Well wait no more ladies there is hope at the end of this snowy tunnel. If like me, you want to wear your shorts all year round but just can't decide whether wooly tights are the best option or leggings are the way forward, look no further. Here are five tried and tested styles that will give those pins and new lease of life in this cold snap. Perseverance it seems, is key.


  1. you have a lovely blog, the layout is clean and lvoely and i really like the idea of this post. instead of just adding a load of inspiration shots, youve shown us how we can copy the look which is great! the only thing is i would love to know where to buy some of those items! maybe you could reference each item next time? x

  2. I love it when bloggers lay out outfits like that! You guys do all the work for us :) ooh ditto QuiteQuaint...if you let us know where you found these that would be so fabulous! I's a lot of extra work (^^)

  3. Thank you for the feedback girlies! I'll make sure I do that next time! Please keep checking back! Much love x

  4. A post made of perfection. Well done.

    I adore the shorts look. It's a nice spin from the typical skirt. And now there are so many beautiful floral patterns, and sweet shapes.

    I can't wait to purchase more shortts! Love x

    sugar plum kisses~
    amy x

  5. I just bought a new pair of shorts. They are perfect, and I am super excited to get some sun on my legs! I love that summer is here.