Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Suitcase living

With the winter sun setting early, my grey days have been limited somewhat with hours of daylight. As soon as I'm up and ready to go, it begins to get dark. It's the ever punishing inability to be productive in daylight that leads me working late into the night. Although blissfully, my days of work in this country are over, and I have spent many an hour of quality time with my kitty, making sure she knows I love her to pieces before I jet off and she worries for my whereabouts. I've told her my bed is hers, and she seems to be fairly happy with this. Packing is becoming somewhat of a chore, clothing choices being limited to the weather out there I find myself packing and unpacking, changing my mind at all stages. I have decided I will start a new blog, more of a diary so people at home can keep up with my adventures. I'll set that up within the next week or two, so keep a beady eye out! As for now, photo corner awaits you...

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