Sunday, 2 January 2011

Two Thousand and Eleven.

Well the New Year is upon us. I have gained a pair of Khaki pocket skinnies from my darling friend, some vintage goodies from another, mugs of all shapes and sizes to take away with me (I assume much tea will be drunk in the mornings to rid me of my jet lag) and gorge floral fabrics to adorn my new bedroom. It is, my lovelies, now exactly 22 days until I leave for American soil. I am beginning to have a tiny breakdown. Most of my room is assorted into various boxes for packing and I am running out of time to make the various photo albums of memories I promised myself I would. But I have spent lots of quality time with my besties in the snow, country pubs and alcohol fuelled nights in town. Furthermore, I am very much looking forward to my last three weeks in England, starting with a road trip to Nottingham to visit my oldest friend. Sixteen years and counting and we are still as ridiculous as we were when we were eight years old. I hope 2011 brings you all everything you wanted. Peace out. 

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