Friday, 26 November 2010

Tash Talking...

The end of Movember is almost upon us and soon, those lucky enough to glimpse the outward culmination of a month of raising awareness will see hundreds of men out on the street with marvelous facial hair lovingly fashioned into an array of styles spanning the decades. I have my favourites, mainly being the handlebars, and the Poirot. Who couldn't love a modern man sporting a 1920s tash for one month a year? Wear them proudly brave walkers of this city!

Earlier this month my friends and I did a little celebrating ourselves, with a Mexican Movember Fajita night, complete with stick on decorations for those of us who weren't blessed with the ability to grow our own. All this talk of tashes has sent me a little doolally and I have found myself oogling a range of tash related purchases that suddenly I find ever so appealing... repeat after me, Happy Movember!

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