Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Rockin' Robin

Tweet Tweet Tweet!

It has been through much deliberation and pestering (mainly the latter) that I have finally joined the ranks of Twitter. I know how very late I am to this game, please do not shake your head at me, but for some reason I had developed, for what absurdity I know not, a strange adherence to it. Somewhere in the back of my mind a little thought was saying 'nope nope nope, do not join it' and I went about my business doing as I was told. However, my overwhelming urge to know what Audrina Patridge is doing at all times has become a burden too heavy to bare, and I have cracked under the pressure. 

Pretty please follow me you lovely people, right 

'here here here'  

and I shall no longer be tweeting to myself. As to be honest, that does feels rather odd. You can also see my latest purchase, as after following ASOS who sent out a link to a 20% off voucher I have spent the best part of my evening looking for a new dress for an occasion I am not yet attending. How very apt of a seasonal blog post to also have a double meaning, enjoy.

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