Monday, 2 August 2010

A Day at the Desert...

Dori Tomcsanyi - a bit of a mouthful but worth trying to get your lips around as this designer, hailing from Budapest, is my favourite newbie of the moment. She cites her inspirations as sensual illusions, interesting knit and applications, all relatively middle of the road until you discover she uses cheap discarded materials such as bottle caps and wood as materials for her work. Now everyone knows the common problem with eco friendly design; as much as we all should be doing it and keeping our planet at peace, everyone knows it is awfully hard to pull off a respectively beautiful idea involving being 'green' without looking like you're designing a new line for garbage bin chic. The quietest mention of plastic bags or ring pulls sends me into a whirlwind of dubiousness over the outcome, but feast your eyes on this fabulous set of lookbook images from the Hungarian designer's 2010 collection and be amazed. She's only gone and pulled the whole thing off, and it looks hot.

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