Thursday, 5 August 2010


There was a book in the photography section of the library I always came across when doing research for a project. Named 'I Am Camera' I think the name always pulled me in. The photos from Tierney Gearon's childhood were stark and blocky and always the complete opposite to my work, and so I could never use her for inspiration. The concept behind her work however is ideal. Quite cathartic, she uses what she holds close her her heart as ways to process issues through photography, and I think this shows best in her latest project. Using only orignal non digital methods of working she exposes one reel of film in two different places to create layered image. Now these, I can use. Soft and pretty yet quite unnerving in it's subject matter, it puts me a little on edge, but I find them fascinating. Everyone loves imperfection, its quite beautiful.

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  1. These pictures are breathtaking!!!!!! Just LOVE THEM!!!! Can't stop staring at them! Have a RAD summer!
    xo The Beckerman Girls