Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sword in the Stone

It's 'Fall' season, as they say. I suppose I should become accustomed to these new terms being an honorary member of American society, but somehow saying Autumn just feels so much more, well, Autumnul. Despite my inner battle with language, this particular season is my favourite for fashion. The juxtaposition of warm heat set days melting into colder more settled climbs seems to bring out the very best in beautiful designs. It's around this time that my head starts to whirr with the sheer volume of fantastically romantical fabric creations that are making their way out of sewing rooms and down catwalks. Below is what I predict to be the first of many Fall blogs about stunning editorials, and why not start with a blinder. Charles Varenne has placed Abbey Lee Kershaw in some brilliantly adorned head pieces in this shoot for Numero Magazine. Wearing what seems to be fairly heavenly inspired dresses, leather bandages, and yes, a sword - these shots depict a rather contrast view of strength and beauty, and it's looking pretty good from here...

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