Saturday, 21 May 2011


Swing chairs, willow trees, suitcases; there are many things I obsess over that most may find ordinary. I seem to be able to find beauty in day to day things. A habit of mine it appears. There is one thing in particular that has evolved ten fold since moving to America. Seeing at least one a day here is only serving to fuel my interest in them. I stand and stare at the sky wide eyed in awe as they glide past, causing my day to happen a lot slower than it would in England with all my stopping and starting. They are birds of prey, and ohhh my, how they're beautiful creatures, so elegant and majestic. Of late, I've managed to simmer the yelps of excitment down to a somewhat less distracting point and stare, but I don't see this obsession ending any time soon. So imagine my happiness when I come across my favourite creatures in a fashion shoot - for Rodarte no less! Oh joy of joy's! Not only that but the images are set in the rugged terrain of Santa Cruz, with memories of River Phoenix, The Lost Boys and Californian Cowboys whistling through the Redwoods. Could this be any more of a perfect editorial...?

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  1. Great blog girl, love it!
    Yeah we can do it! It will be hard, because I really love shopping...But I really have to stick with this methode.

    x0x0 Robine