Thursday, 16 September 2010


Well Hello Preen, I am your love child, please adorn me with all your beautiful clothing. I have to admit the usual collections have never thrown me as much as this Spring 2011 collection. The husband and wife duo, who notably always look so content and down to earth when they emerge from backstage holding hands and shuffling down the catwalk, have created a stunningly soft tailored yet minimalistic collection inspired by a recent trip to Egypt. The 41 outfits could easily hold their own amongst the high rollers, fresh dreamy pales accented with mono looks, the more you pay attention the more you see going on. Delicately embroidered body panels and rounded waistbands, laced shirts and structured skirts with hems shorter than their separate counterparts. For me, this is the best NYFW had to offer, and it makes me very happy. The reasoning behind those darned awful fringed wigs however, continues to baffle me.

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