Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Shanghai Dreaming...

Way back in 2008 Dior collaborated with Chinese photographer Quentin Shih to produce a series of photographs entitles ''Stranger in the Glass Box'' - even the title gave me shivers. The images had an eery stuck in time feel to them, with every one carrying hints of the volatile history of the country. It was a fascinating twist on the usual super styled photography that adorns the pages of glossy magazines. It carried more depth and meaning that most. Two years later with Dior reopening the doors to their Shanghai fashion house, who better to call upon to capture the essence of their being than Shih. Slightly less arid and much more spellbinding, this series still captures the essence of how the photographer feels about modern Chinese culture. Retouching each and every still, Shih takes a typical Chinese stereotype and repeats it over and over to reinforce the rigor and uniformity of mass consumerism in the most beautiful of ways.

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