Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Where did you get ten dollars?

As I Lay Dying is one of my go-to books whenever I need a little inspiration. I'm beginning to think I may have lived in 1930s Mississippi in a past life considering the fatal attraction I have to the Deep South. I am immediately drawn to anything that hints at picket fences and swing doors, swamps and rifles resting on porch chairs. William Faulkner's novel, for me, personifies the purest existence of this life through the complex emotions of a deceptively simple family, following the death of Addie and her wish to be buried in her hometown of Jefferson. Tony Lee Jr has adapted this story into a series of images, expressing each character as a different typeface and pairing them with an object to make this detailed novel a little easier to immerse yourself in. The original script was a stream of consciousness over ninety six chapters, and as everyone knows, a picture says a thousand words...

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