Monday, 15 August 2011

I've seen a Castle in Wales....

My amazing family crossed the ocean to see me this week, and are now homeward bound, currently hovering somewhere ten thousand feet over sea level. We picniced, we rode bikes, we watched accordian players scatter the cobbled streets of little wooden towns nestled deep in the heart of West Virginia. It was picturesque, and perfect. The week prior to this my best friend, and needless to say, soul mate, and I line danced across the borders of Kentucky and Tennessee, and with our musical roots, discovered Nashville should well have been the town we were born and raised in, cradling banjos and home made harmonicas at our fingertips. I have had the most wonderous past few weeks, and am now back in Ohio, mourning the empty space where my homeland companions once were. I plan on wearing this sad face for the majority of today, and listening mostly to Bon Iver and City and Colour, until I remember that I'm living in America and having the time of my life once more. Until then, please watch this lyrically blessed man play a beautiful guitar. If you need persuasion, he has tattoos on his neck. Things are looking up already.

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